My 7 Best Wet Weather Wedding Tips from Award Winning Wedding Planner

Here’s my 7 Best Wet Weather Wedding Tips.

Remember to prepare for wet weather. If you plan and prepare for a wet wedding, chances are that you will have great weather on your wedding day!

1. Have a wet weather Plan B for your Ceremony. If you have an indoor Venue for your Reception, generally you can use this area as well for your Ceremony then the Bridal party can go elsewhere for Wedding Photos.

2. Book a wet weather location for your Location Photos. A lot of resorts will allow you to use their areas for your Wedding Photos. You need to ask in advance though, just to make sure.

3. Book your Limousine transport early enough so in the case of wet weather, the Limousine will take you door to door to your Ceremony and then take you away for your Wedding photos – allow enough room in the limo for your Photographer, if possible in the front, so you can stop for any candid photos that you wouldn’t have normally obtained … have some fun!

4. Be Brave! Talk to your family and guests as they don’t want to get their hair and outfits wet either, but if it is only light occasional drizzle and you have you heart set on your location, umbrellas work and look great if used creatively in your wedding photos.

5. Think About Your Hair. Wear your hair up is my best and most important tip! It’s no use styling curls if it is wet weather, as they won’t last and you want to look stunning at your reception despite a few raindrops.

6. Take a Photo at Night in the Rain – an atmospheric addition to your day.

7. Stay Positive – no one else really knows what you had planned so just go with the flow and have an awesome Wedding day. You are getting Married, remember, and that is the most important thing, not how wet the grass is.

Wishing you a very happy Wedding Day, Rain or Shine  ~  Glenda 

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Noosa Wedding Ring Strikes a Rain Miss Again

Cream Roses for Your wedding bouquet
Cream Roses for Wedding Bouquet
Wet weather wedding on Noosa Main Beach
Rain stayed away just long enough!!
A very happy Bride and Groom celebrated as rain loomed, minutes prior to the ceremony at Casuarina Gardens, Noosa Main Beach. Here’s the beautiful letter they sent afterwards.

Hi Glenda,

Thanks so much for all your help over the last three months. I loved every part of the wedding, everything you coordinated was perfect. It was most definitely the most romantic day of my life, it feels like a dream!

Thanks again x

Stella and Michael

Co Ordinator : Glenda, Noosa Wedding Ring
Hair & Makeup : Beauty on the Move
Celebrant : Tim Goessling
Limousine : Noosa VIP Limousines
Manicure & Pedicure : De La Bertauché
Photographer : Brock Photography
Videographer : DV Cam videos
Decorating : Uniquely You Noosa Wedding Ring
Florist : Ultimate Florist

Noosa Beach Wedding Spirit Not Dampened By Rain!

Congratulations to Louisa & Richard … another stunning Noosa Wedding Ring Wedding. Even though the beach wedding had to be taken indoors to Bistro C, Louisa & Richard didn’t let it spoil their day.

Thanks to
Wedding Co Ordination : Glenda & Sarah … ABIA Award Winning Designer of Dreams
Photography: Artisan Photography
Flowers: The Ultimate Florist
Decorator: Nicola … Uniquely You
Hair / makeup / Nails : Lee .. The Works on the Marina & Heather De la Bertauché
Celebrant: Tim Goessling
Videographer: Noosa Video Productions