How to Choose an Eye Catching Wedding Bouquet !

When choosing your Wedding Bouquet & Wedding Cake  it is a great chance to pull all your Wedding Colours together

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Best Tips for a Vintage Wedding ?

PeoniesA Vintage Wedding needs to be simple and elegant … my biggest tip for a Vintage Wedding is

  • Do not make your Ceremony or Reception too cluttered – showcase a few beautiful items
  • Keep your flowers old fashioned and plenty of them to give you the wow factor … a large flower such as peonies make a dramatic statement for a small investment and you don’t need to many to fill a vase
  • Use old suitcases for your ceremony as storage for sandels etc and great double use to take everything with you after
  • Look around your mum and dad’s house you are bound to find an old plank of wood for a sign or an old ladder you use
  • Make it fun and be creative