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World’s Most Bizzare Wedding Dress Disasters

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Here are some TIPS so your guests remember your wedding dress for the right reasons …. enjoy 🙂

Princess Wedding Dress

The layers under your Wedding Dress can make a huge difference

to the form of Transport you will need …just as well it wasn’t a Sports Car


Baby on board:

One Bride didn’t let her burgeoning stomach get in the

way of her dream wedding gown so simply cut a hole and bared her bump


 Wedding Dress Train

When considering a Wedding train to compliment

your Wedding Dress it is really ! a good idea

to think about carrying it around all day ….

or it is a great way to give ALL your guests a job


Wedding Dress Style Disaster

They Say if you’ve got it flaunt it !

Want an Affordable & Stylish Elegant Strapless Wedding Dress and Bridal Party Attire

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Stunning Elegant Lace Strapless Wedding Dress perfect for any ceremony location whether it be on the Beach or Gardens it is beautiful

Pair your dress with a pretty soft Lace & Chiffon

Bridesmaids Dress   in a range of colours and just to add some cuteness to your Wedding party how about this Pageboy & Flowergirl


When planning a wedding you don’t need to spend a huge budget to have an Elegant Stylish wedding

For Example this Wedding Dress is $ 103 Bridesmaids $ 13.57 , Pageboys $ 19.99 and Flowergirl $ 10.99 being a total of $ 147.55 now that is how you can do a stylish Wedding !!

Please feel free to check out for some other beautiful Wedding accessories and ideas

Common/Disastrous/Deadly Mistakes Brides Make When planning a wedding

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

diy gone bad

Everyone has a story of another Brides disaster on their Wedding Day … Don’t let this be you !

Glenda is very familiar with brides disastrous stories about friends who have tried to plan their own weddings …. nothing puts your mind at rest more than having a Wedding Planner to take the stress out of your Wedding Day

  • When choosing your dress make sure that it can be altered if you lose weight or gain it 🙂 …many a bride has tried on their dress on their wedding day to find it doesn’t fit !
  • Check , check and double check you have everything with you if travelling to another location to get ready… dress , jewellery, shoes , hair accessories , garter etc it will be the little things that you stress about if they have  been forgotten
  • Make sure your bridal party has everything ! they need … brown shoes when everyone else in black does not look great in the grooms party 🙂
  • Always ! have a back up plan for wet weather
  • If a destination Wedding make sure all your bridal party , family arrive in plenty of time … delayed flights can spoil a perfect day
  • Have your Wedding Cake delivered by the Cake decorator ! … they know how to fix it if there is a disaster in the transporting

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