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Noosa Wedding Ring is owned and operated by Glenda who is voted Australia’s TOP Wedding Planner for 3 consecutive years in the Abia “Designer of Dreams” awards, proving she is a master in her industry.

Glenda handpicks only the very best in the wedding industry to work along side her at her Weddings and this week we will be showcasing photographers and their beautiful work.

First up this week is Andrej from Artisan Photography

Andrej from Artisan Photography

Andrej has a uniqueness about his photography, capturing the special elements that mean so much to a bride when she reflects back on a very special day.

To view more of Andrej’s work please feel free to browse

Photography by Artisan Photography
Photography by Artisan Photography
Roller Bride
Roller Bride

Bridal Party Watches As Wave Approaches Noosa Wedding Photographer

Craig Brock Photography
I would like to Introduce Craig who is a valued Photographer for the Noosa Wedding Ring.
Where you are from and a bit about yourself :
I am originally from Newcastle and moved to the Sunshine Coast approximately 20 years ago.
I enjoy the Sunshine Coast Lifestyle of fitness and water sports. Photography has been a passion throughout my life, however it has only been in the past 8 years that I have turned this passion into a career.
How long you have been doing Wedding Photography :-
Professionally I have been doing wedding and portrait photography for the past 8 years. My work experience has included everything from the small intimate elopements through to the larger elaborate all day weddings.
Any funny or favorite moments:-
There have been many funny moments but the one that sticks in my mind was at a wedding where the groom was adamant he only wanted to spend 20mins on the beach. Despite this, he ended up enjoying himself so much that it wasn’t until an hour later that we finally finished the ‘beach’ section of the photo shoot
Another moment that comes to mind is when I was at Mooloolaba on the rocks photographing a large fun bridal. Unbeknown to me,but very visible to all of those in the bridal party, a large wave was approaching and consequently broke right over the top of me. As well as photos, I provided that bridal party with a great laughing spectacle, being me!
Any advice you can give a bride to be:-
Choose your wedding suppliers i.e. photographers, coordinator, etc to suit your personality and style as you will only get the photos you want by choosing someone you can relate well to on the day, as this will reflect in your photos. Choose someone that recognizes it is your day and their job is about providing you with images you would like to celebrate and remember this day! Just have FUN after all it’s your wedding day…
Do you have a personal style:-
Relaxed and casual, however, I take great pride in my work and deliver a very professional service. I also realize that most people aren’t used to being in front of a camera and need a little direction, but I always do this in a fun, respectful and relaxed manner.
Noosa Main Beach
Noosa Wedding Ring Photography by Brock Photography at Noosa Woods
Noosa Wedding in the Woods
Noosa Wedding Ring Photo by Brock Photography at Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Photographer weaves together storytelling images

We’ve all heard stories about poor service, big egos, hidden costs, critical moments missed or being disappointing, photographs being shelved… Cheap or amateur photography can end up costing you so much. And when this happens with your wedding day the consequences can be heartbreaking.

Not with Artisan Photography …. Andrej weaves together storytelling images inspired by your unique celebration of love  K&M110812-018


Artisan Photography provides a boutique service to guarantee the highest quality artwork. This approach allows Andrej to take the time to examine all aspects of your wedding, from the light of your preferred locations to your personal tastes in visual art, resulting in world class wedding photography.

Growing up in Europe with his camera as his constant companion, Australia has been his dominant source of inspiration and truly is a reflection of European style and artistry coupled with the stunning Sunshine Coast as the backdrop.


Andrej has fast developed a reputation for his passion, artistry, care and generosity.

What you can expect from Artisan Photography…

◾ A wedding photographer who is an artist, passionate and committed to honouring your day in the manner it deserves.

◾ A highly efficient back up system so your wedding images are safely stored for years to come.

◾ A studio that can stay with you through important milestones in your life – your engagement, your wedding, your family….

◾ A wedding photographer who listens to your desires and needs and provides guidance.

◾ A studio that asks you the right questions in order to determine how best to achieve your photography vision for the day.

◾ A photographer who lives on the Sunshine Coast and knows the best locations on the Coast and in the Hinterland for your special wedding moments.

◾ Wedding images that are not only high resolution but also enhanced. On average wedding images receive over 7 hours of post-production work, to ensure every photograph is the best it can be! Your photographs receive the ultimate professional care and artistry. Post-production skills distinguish a professional photographer from an amateur.

◾ Unique Wedding Artbooks, hand bound and designed by Andrej, co-created with you if desired, without a template in sight!


We encourage you to be smart with your wedding photography. In years to come, your album of beautiful photographs will be one of the only records you will have of one of the most special days in your life! Experience European style and artistry…

Please feel free to look at Andrej’s work on or call Glenda on 07 5442 4894  where you are guaranteed this beautiful Photography as part of your Wedding Package

time to reflect
time to reflect
Roller Bride
Roller Bride