Do You Want To Be Married In 1 Month’s Time?

Noosa Wedding CoordinationHi there … does the thought of being Married in just over a month appeal to you?  with my help, I can make this happen for you.

All you need is one month and one day. I take care of everything for you to make sure your Wedding is registered so you can get married 1 month 2 days after you email me – it’s that simple!

I have packages to suit every wedding whether you are wanting to –

Noosa Beach Wedding

Elope – just the Two of you. Our Elopement Package starts at AU$3640.

Or if you are wanting a larger wedding, I can organise this for you as well, with a beautiful Beach/River Package Marry in Noosathat takes your guests cruising after the ceremony while you have your photos taken ~ picking up the Bridal Party ~ then continuing to cruise the Noosa River to your Waterfront Reception Venue.

Whatever you choose for your Noosa Wedding, you can be assured your guests will love it – they can combine a holiday at the same time as your Destination Wedding.

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Want To Be a Runaway Bride?

Feeling Stressed that your Wedding will be how everyone else wants it to be?

Run away to Noosa, where I’ll organise you an affordable, beautiful wedding that is “Uniquely You” in a fabulous location with a relaxing romantic honeymoon holiday afterwards. You will still have money to go home with to throw a “Surprise Wedding Party”.

Your Noosa Elopement Wedding will include Artisan Photography

You are also welcome to add any other service you may like, such as video coverage of your ceremony to show family and friends  ~ massages  ~  Manicure & Pedicure and more.

When your Wedding and time to enjoy our wonderful Noosa beaches and location is over and you leave to go home, you will have the excitement of holding a Surprise Wedding Party … invite your guests to an engagement or other reason party and surprise them with a Wedding Party instead where you can play your video, show your photos and wear your Wedding Dress again! enjoy the celebrations without the stress of what every one else except you expects on your wedding day.

Noosa beach weddings

Noosa wedding

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Noosa Wedding Ring Wedding Co-Ordination

 Exceeding  Client expectations … guaranteed

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Elopement to Noosa for a Beach Wedding

Noosa is a stunningly beautiful place to be married and this package is excellent value for money. Our Elopement Package is designed for a romantic and stylish wedding with just the two of you.

Eloping to Noosa Queensland Australia
Noosa Main Beach Wedding

Elopement Package:

  • Your ceremony can be held wherever you choose in Noosa – overlooking the beach (Casuarina Gardens or Hidden Grove), overlooking the river, in Noosa Woods Park with spectacular views of the Noosa River, etc.
  • The Package covers the Celebrant, all necessary legal documentation and permits as well as a ceremony rehearsal the day before your wedding.
  • I am your Witness to verify your signatures on the legal documentation.
  • Our Decoration of your Ceremony location includes a registry set for signing your documents, petal walkway aisle and a PA system with plugin CD player for whatever CD you choose to bring to Noosa
  • With the photos, you receive a print-ready DVD of 75 high resolution digital images of your Noosa wedding. Your family and friends will also appreciate being able to print copies of the professional wedding photos at photolab prices
  • The video in DVD format offers 30 minutes spontaneous action coverage of your Ceremony and is excellent for showing family and friends who were not at the wedding
  • The In Room Relaxation Massage for the Bride (1hr) and Groom (1hr) makes you feel more relaxed and more vital, ready to fully enjoy your visit to Noosa
  • The posy and buttonhole are custom made to the bride’s requirements and delivered to your Noosa hotel room on your wedding day
  • The bride’s hair and makeup is done in your Noosa hotel room for your convenience and comfort
  • The bride’s manicure (Either French or colour polish) and deluxe pedicure are also done in your hotel room
  • The Sedan limousine (Capacity 4 pax) is at your service for 2 hours.
  • All your wedding arrangements are expertly co-ordinated for you leaving the bride and groom free to enjoy their romantic Noosa wedding day

Contact Glenda for more information about your Elopement Package.

Noosa Beach Weddings – Elopements

Noosa Wedding Ring’s Diana Playford says:

It’s very satisfying as a wedding planner to help turn people’s wedding dreams into reality.  In the early years,  I was surprised by how many people chose to elope to Noosa or alternatively have a very intimate destination wedding here.  But I’ve come to really enjoy these weddings which are so personal and so meaningful to the bride and groom who need only to think of each other and the vows they want to make rather than having to worry about large numbers of guests.

Some clients choose to elope because they want to come back to a place they’ve loved on a previous visit to make their vows and their family and friends aren’t in a position to travel sometimes to the other side of the world.  Others start to plan a conventional wedding but become frustrated by the process of trying to find agreement with the families on guest lists, costs etc.  Yet others tell stories of being put off by a sibling’s wedding which was spoiled by awkwardness and even bickering between recently separated and repartnered parents.  So they elope and this way they know that they can marry the way they want without fear of unwelcome side issues.

From the parents’ viewpoint, it’s sad that they’re not going to be there on their offspring’s wedding day so we recommend that the ceremony is videographed and of course lots of photos are taken by a good professional photographer to record forever the bride and groom’s happiness on their wedding day.   On their return home, the bride and groom organise a party for their families and friends to congratulate them and view the ceremony video and photos.

One very clever couple I met some years ago had gone into one of those photo booths in Melbourne armed with three signs – WE – HAVE – ELOPED – so they could take three photos of themselves with the individual words. They then arranged the photos one above the other to be printed in a bookmark type format with the photos on the front and the party invitation details on the back.  A trusted friend and workmate was then left with the bundle of stamped addressed envelopes to put in the mail on the Monday after the wedding.

‘Trusted’ is the operative word here.  It’s really best to tell absolutely no-one of your elopement plans,  human nature being what it is.  Most people are not very good at keeping secrets and you just never know what well meaning person might tell the very person you’ve decided to elope in order to escape having your wedding hijacked by. I’ve actually seen what was supposed to be an elopement wedding taken over by parentzillas in hot pursuit. So sad!

To make it even easier for a couple to plan their Noosa elopement wedding, we have a draft Elopement to Noosa Wedding Package on our website and our award winning Wedding Planner Glenda McCallum would be more than happy to adapt this draft to your requirements. It’s excellent value for money.

Happy planning!

Noosa wedding planner Glenda McCallum
Wedding planner, Glenda McCallum

Noosa beach wedding elopement