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Want to Renew your Vows on your Wedding Anniversary ?

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Noosa is the perfect location to renew your vows and what more of a special occasion than your Wedding Anniversary

gondola6Glenda  Noosa Wedding Ring Co ordinatorGive me a call  07 5442 4894 or email on

and I will design a very special day that is ” Uniquely You “Noosa Wedding Ring Co Ordination by Glenda .. Photography by Brock Photography

Want to be a Runaway Bride !

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Feeling Stressed that your Wedding will be how everyone else wants it to be !

Runaway  !! to me in Noosa with Noosa Wedding Ring …. have a beautiful wedding that is  ” Uniquely You ”  in a beautiful location with a relaxing holiday to finish off and still have money to go home with to throw a ” Surprise Wedding Party ”

Your Wedding will include  $ 2462 Artisan Photography

  • Celebrant for your ceremony including all documentation
  • Permit for your Wedding location
  • Photographer  ~ you will receive all your photo’s on a CD to print when you choose
  • Hair and Makeup for our beautiful Bride
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers of your choice and buttonhole for Groom
  • Limousine to transfer you to and from your Wedding
  • Co Ordination of your Wedding

You are also welcome to add any other service your may like to have such as video coverage of your ceremony to show family and friends  ~ massages  ~  Manicure & Pedicure  etc

When your Wedding and time to enjoy our beautiful beaches and location is over and its time to go home you will have the excitement of having a Surprise Wedding Party …. invite your guests to an engagement or other reason party and surprise them with a Wedding Party  where you can play your photo’s / video and wear your Wedding Dress again ! enjoy the celebrations without the stress of what every one expects on your wedding day

Artisan Photography

Noosa weddings Jetski

Noosa Wedding Ring Wedding Co Ordination

 Exceeding  Clients expectations … guaranteed

Call Glenda on 07 5442 4894   email:  or website