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Finalist in the Australian Bridal Awards 2009 …

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Contemporary and Traditional Flowers

Conveniently located in the Noosa Village Shopping Centre, Noosa House of Flowers provides Noosa’s finest, freshest flowers for special festive occasions. Professional florist, Chris Evans, has a background in interior design which assists her and her team in creating innovative and traditional floral delights.

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Wedding Bouquets To Match Your Style

Depending on your marriage theme, vibrant contemporary flowers or classical romantic bouquets will complete your memorable Noosa wedding day. Your wedding flowers are specially created and accessories such as flowers for your hair, wrist bracelets, table arrangements for reception and ceremony venues are also coordinated.

Noosa House of Flowers

We deliver the Ultimate package with Ultimate results on your most important day!

Noosa Wedding Flowers

Noosa House of Flowers designs elegant flowers and accessories to complement your wedding.

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