Wedding Cakes

Cakes for Noosa Weddings
by Judith Brosnan

Dolphin Wedding Cake

Add the final romantic touch to your perfect Noosa wedding day with a wedding cake by Judith Brosnan.

With 27 years’ experience, Judith’s creative wedding cake skills are now superlative.

Her mastery of the fine art of cake decorating is outstanding.

Noosa Wedding Cake

Delicious Wedding Cake Choices

The cake for your Noosa wedding can be the traditional fruitcake, a chocolate mudcake, a white chocolate mudcake, a caramel mudcake, a marble cake or a delicious orange and poppyseed cake.

You may even choose to have a 2 tier cake with a fruitcake on the top level to keep for your first wedding anniversary and another flavour on the bottom level.

Novelty Wedding Cake

Delivery to Your Noosa Wedding Reception

At your wedding reception, you can serve your wedding cake as dessert or in finger sized slices with coffee.

And to set your mind at rest, Judith personally undertakes the delivery of your cake to your Noosa wedding reception venue so you can be assured it will arrive in perfect condition.

To book your Noosa wedding cake, contact Cakes by Judith Brosnan.
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