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A Professional Celebrant for your Noosa Wedding …

Noosa wedding
Noosa is a stunningly beautiful place to make your vows to each other and an experienced Civil Celebrant like TIM GOESSLING is just the man to help ensure that your wedding day is very special and very memorable both for you as a couple and also for your family and friends.

During the planning stage of your wedding preparations, you’ll find Tim professional yet relaxed, warm and friendly, sensitive to your wishes and needs, insightful and accommodating. He’s a naturally good listener and his many years of relating to couples and families have made him even more empathetic and flexible.

Tim believes you should have the opportunity to have as much (or as little) input as you wish to the design of your Ceremony. Obviously there are legal formalities associated with a wedding but Tim will walk you effortlessly through these. And he’ll explain the format of a wedding ceremony and provide you with sample ceremonies if you wish to design your own Ceremony … a Ceremony as truly individual as the two of you.

Noosa Civil Ceremonies
Photography by Andrej Kadacik

On Your Noosa Wedding Day

Tim will be there early to chat to the Groom and guests as they wait for the Bride to arrive. Tim Goessling is well groomed and has a strong voice that is very easy to listen to. You’ll be glad you chose Tim as your Celebrant.

Hi Tim!

We are back in Melbourne now & I wanted to say a big ‘thanks’ for making our day perfect!!! We really liked the way you were so easy going, yet very professional to bring our wedding ceremony together perfectly. Everyone loved you for being such a genuine, happy celebrant as we did too! Here is a pic that captures everything!

Thanks again, Kat & Dan x

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