Tips to Get the best out of your Wedding Flowers!

Here are some great tips for your Wedding Flowers to keep them Fresh especially if you are doing a DIY Bouquet

Wedding Roses

Roses …

Roses are best preserved at 5 degrees Celsius … the best way is to put them in water as deep as possible, but keeping the buds well above the waterline. Do this for at least 3 hours. If possible, then keep them at around 20 degrees Celsius.

All thorns and any lower leaves should be removed.


Wedding PeoniesPreserve peonies at 5 degrees Celsius.

Here is a wonderful Tip! If you have a tight bud on your peony blossom, but want it to open, you can put it into a hot water for a very short time, and it will blossom in front your eyes.


Wedding Orchids
Preserve Orchids at 8 degrees Celsius.

Be Aware of drops of water left on the flowers as they can harm the blossoms. Fresh Clean Water is the best way to keep Orchids Fresh.


TulipsTulips love very cold water, even with ice.

If you want to keep tulip stems straight, you should fix them with paper and leave in the water for couple of hours.

WEDDING DAY TIPS : If your Wedding Bouquet and Wedding Flowers are being delivered always keep your Wedding Bouquet in the coolest room in the house – usually the bathroom – along with Buttonholes and Bridal Party flowers.

Choose wedding flowers that will last the day such as –

Roses     ~    Orchids ~ Oriental Lilies      ~       Peonies    ~    Spring Flowers    ~    Frangipanis

Wedding Roses         Wedding Lilies        Wedding Peonies        Wedding Flowers       Wedding Frangipanis

Have fun choosing your Wedding flowers – they add a stunning element to any Wedding Design and your Bouquets can be used as part of your Wedding Reception centre-piece design, saving you a lot of money.

Happy Planning …  Glenda ~ ~