So you want Flowergirls and Pageboys at your Wedding? the Good and the Bad

Flowergirls and PageboysFlower Girls and Page Boys at your Wedding are always an unknown … that’s what makes them so adorable! you just never quite know what the outcome of walking up the aisle is going to be no matter how much you rehearse it … almost better not to, as they seem to do better just winging it on the day. They have a way of bringing their energetic curiosity and bright-eyed cuteness to wedding ceremonies.

So you have decided ” YES “, now you are definitely going to want to add that WOW cuteness.

Flowergirl When you give your Flowergirls & Pageboys jobs like this to do, they are always more willing to play along whether it be Rose Petals to scatter or boards like these, making it fun for the kids works brilliantly.

There are so many signs and ideas you can use to announce the Bride is on her way! Always consider the size and age of your little Flowergirls and Pageboys so what they are carrying is easy for them … you don’t want it thrown in a bush along the way 🙂

Pageboy Pageboy Pageboy Pageboy

Now we need to dress these Wee Cherubs.

Page Boy Flowergirl Flowergirl Page Boy Suit Flower Girl in Pink Flowergirl in Blue Flowergirl in Pink

Enjoy your Wedding Day and the Children you choose as your bridal attendants.

Have fun … Glenda ~ ~