Famous who’s who Weddings in Noosa ?

gondola6 I have been living in Noosa for the past 27 years originally from Magnetic Island in far north queensland.

                           Started working in the hospitality industry and worked at some of Noosas best known restaurants as a waiter and barman.
                           Growing up on Magnetic Is, I was always in or around the water and this has been my passion,
diving, surfing and mucking around  with boats.
                           I started working on commercial charter boats and enjoyed working with the public in the tourism and hospitality industry.
                           This led me to start my own business in 1997 after seeing the Gondolas at Breakfast Creek in Brisbane.
                           We had a Gondola made to order and started operating river cruises in the Noosa River, working with Leonie Palmer and Steven Fischer from the famous Rickys restaurant .
                           Our sunset cruises and private dinner cruises with tapas became quite popular with both the locals and tourists. We were also doing restaurant transfers and started to transfer brides and bridal parties to there wedding ceremonies and receptions.
Famous who’s who Weddings?  I did a wedding transfer for Stuart Applebee, a well known Australian golfer. They got married at the River mouth and had a simple beach ceremony, his bride arrived by Gondola, it was very beautiful, simple and elegant .

                                       The afternoon was quite warm and muggy, while we were on the beach after the ceremony, photos ect, a tropical thunderstorm started to build. I got the bride and groom in to the Gondola and we cruised off with champagne corks popping.
                                       Just as I pulled up at Rickys Restaurant to deliver them to the reception a huge thunder clap exploded in the sky and the power went out in the whole of Noosa!  The restaurant put candles on every table as there were no lights and they still had gas so they cooked all the meals and guests dined by candle light!
Advice to Brides.;       My advice to any brides to be would be just to keep it simple! In my opinion simple is elegant, and sometimes its easy to get complicated thinking about everything in minute detail . Think about what you want for the day how you would picture everything. Think about the people you want around you, smaller weddings are more intimate, and less costly!
 You don’t always have to spend lots of money to have a great wedding and after all its about you celebrating your love for each other and making a commitment its not a show for the most glamour or pretence. Have a good wedding plan or wedding planner on hand and be organised well before so your not stressing out when the day comes.
 Most of all just remember to really enjoy the experience, hopefully you only get married once, so you want to look back and remember how much joy and fun you had on your special day!