simple, elegant and fuss-free on your wedding day

For those who’d rather keep things simple, elegant and fuss-free on your wedding day, I have some lovely ideas to share


the simple things in life are the most joyous


  •    Your guests will enjoy something that you have put together yourself as it is much more special and unique …. these can
  •     be very inexpensive and fun for you to involve some family members
  •    A simple bottle of bubbles with a colour themed ribbon or little note can look so elegant
  •    A Rose Petal cone that you can make with beautiful paper simply rolled and filled with rose petals .. make       smaller cones with  less petals 🙂 good saver !

Wedding Memories


This is a fun idea that is inexpensive for you to do at your reception …. it will be fun for your guests and fun for you in    in years to come







Wedding Kids table


To avoid the kids getting bored at your wedding reception this is a great cheap option

for you and doesn’t need to be over the top expensive ..

all you need is some cheap containers to put colouring pencils / stickers / etc in along with

some paper and which you could do a few sheets on your computer just simply printing out some colouring in pictures

kids always love stickers so be creative and you will be rewarded !!


the top tip of all !! is to have fun and let your Wedding Co Ordinator take the stress out of your day  come take a look at some amazing packages for beautiful Noosa Queensland