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Noosa Wedding Ring is an invitation only group of Noosa’s top wedding professionals.  If you want to plan your own Noosa beach wedding experience, our website offers you all the information and contacts you need to do that – Info on Churches, Civil Celebrants, Reception Venues, Limousines, Guest Transfers, Cruise Boat, Gondola, Photographers, Videographers, Flowers, Cake, Decoration of your ceremony and reception venues, Hair and Beauty, Massage and Accommodation.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make with respect to Wedding Services though is your choice of photographer.  The magic of your wedding day is made up of lots of different components and wedding services but, the next day, all that remains are your new spouse, your memories, your wedding photos and maybe your professional wedding video.

Katie & Dewi_Noosa_wedding
Photo by Andrej, Artisan Photography

Different people like different styles of photography so it’s important to look at as many photos as possible by the photographer you’re inclined to before making a decision.  From the Noosa Wedding Ring website, follow the links from the bottom of the photographers’ pages through to the individual photographer’s website to see more of his/her work.

Another factor to consider is the format in which you wish to receive your photos after your wedding. Many photographers these days are happy to release the copyright on your high resolution photos which they deliver to you on a DVD or memory stick.  You can have some or all of these photos enhanced either by the photographer or by yourself if you have the programme and the necessary skills.  Then you and your family/friends can print the photos you want at photolab prices.  You need to check whether or not the photographer whose style you like offers the high res copyright released photos option if this appeals to you.

Also, if you don’t fancy putting your own album of wedding photos together, it’s worth investigating what album choices the photographers offer.  Computer generated photobooks are very popular these days and there’s also a wide range of other album types on offer.

Whichever photographer you decide on and whatever output style you choose, it’s an excellent idea to collect photos which particularly appeal to you in the bridal magazines you’re reading to share with your chosen photographer.  When you subsequently look at your own wedding photos, you’ll find that your collecting has been very worthwhile as it’s shown your photographer what particularly appeals to you in the way of colours, composition, special effects etc.

Happy planning!  We hope you find the Noosa Wedding Ring very helpful in choosing the wedding services providers for your Noosa wedding.

Photos for Noosa weddings
Photo by Craig of Brock Photography Noosa
Noosa wedding photography
Photo by Ronnie, Photography