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Noosa beach wedding
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Noosa Wedding Ring’s Diana Playford says ‘Your Wedding Budget can be as individual as you are but it’s vital that you establish the upper limit early so you can plan in terms of this.

In order to arrive at your budget limit, you need to find out who’s contributing to the kitty and then get estimates of costs. In the past, it was customary for the bride’s parents to pick up most of the tab for a wedding but these days there are all sorts of budget models – Both sets of parents split the costs, the couple and each set of parents cover the costs of ‘their’ guests (This works wonders in keeping down the guest list) or, in many cases, the bride and groom opt for a smaller, more personalised wedding (Even an elopement!) and pay the costs themselves.

It’s important that everyone feels a part of things so, having agreed on who’s contributing to your budget, you next need to prioritise – Have each contributing party make a written list of their top 2 or 3 priorities which you need to keep in mind in planning your wedding.  You should file these lists away  against the day when you need to juggle your wedding expenditure ideas to fit the budget.

During the planning process, you need to remember that, while a wedding is a very special occasion, it shouldn’t send either you or your parents into long term debt and it certainly shouldn’t cruel your chances of owning your own home.  If your initial wedding plans can’t be realised within the agreed budget, you then need to trim the budget.  Perhaps you could:

  • Reduce the guest list as the per head costs will be your greatest expense.  A destination wedding in Noosa, for example, often makes it easier to reduce guest numbers;
  • Schedule your wedding on a Sunday or a weekday when costs are lower especially for reception venues;
  • Schedule your ceremony earlier in the day as a lunch or even brunch reception costs less per head and guests will drink less then too;
  • Plan to follow the bridalwear sales to purchase your wedding gown there as these sales can save you a lot of money;
  • Be more restrained in your choice of attendants. Each additional bridesmaid/groomsman couple adds considerably to the flower, hair, makeup and perhaps transportation costs;
  • Wedding packages are often more cost effective than one off plans.

You’ll find that having the priority lists written in advance will have made the cost cutting process much less emotional for all concerned.

So now you have a wedding plan with an estimate of what each item of wedding expenditure will cost and you’re ready to set up an Excel spreadsheet or its paper equivalent to monitor expenditure as you go along and help you stay within your budget.  On the other hand, you can save yourself all this trouble by having our professional Wedding Planner do the job for you.

Happy planning!  Noosa is not only a beautiful place to make your vows to each other but also an especially memorable wedding experience for your guests’.